Rainbow Six Siege is twice as popular now as when it launched nine months ago according to figures provided by Ubisoft. Despite arriving to a tepid reception, Rainbow Six Siege has gone on to attract a larger number of daily players month after month.

Each of Rainbow Six Siege’s free content updates is responsible for the larger bumps in updatem with Operation Black Ice and the recently released Operation Skull Rain proving the most popular.

The "daily player total is higher today than it was when we first shipped the game nine months ago" according to Ubisoft, and the number of players logging in each and every day has jumped 40%. Recent free weekends have no doubt contributed to this, but it’s encouraging to see R6: Siege’s tactical gameplay is giving it longer legs.

Of course without actual numbers it’s hard to ascertain just how much of a success Rainbow Six Siege is, but it’s clearly moving in the right direction. The updates are going to continue to flow as well, with creative director Xavier Marquis saying "we invest in Rainbow Six Siege as we would invest in our own home - we check the pipes, the foundations and everything else; that's because we are here to stay."

Jon said in his review that “From a purely multiplayer point of view there's so much to love here, aided by impeccable level design and exquisite, meaty gunplay that makes it truly difficult to put down. To my mind Rainbow Six Siege is hands down the best multiplayer shooter of 2015. Nothing else comes close.”

With Rainbow Six Siege increasingly becoming the eSports shooter of choice, have any you hopped in and joined the party recently? Can you see it becoming a lasting success? Let us know!