NO MANS SKY day! Today No Mans Sky releases on PC and this marks the beginning of the end of the summer game draught. From this moment onwards we can all ignore the warmer weather and hunker down inside, to play the next wave of big hitting game releases. Closely following No Mans Sky release is Deus Ex Mankind Divided, which is out in just 11 days. So to mark this I decided to offer everyone a chance to get free copy of one these two games.

So to clarify, one lucky winner will be able to choose one of those two games as their free game prize.

How do you get involved in this free game giveaway? Its the usual setup here that anyone can be in with a chance of winning. The more actions you commit below the more chance you have of winning this free game giveaway.

A quick note - dont try to cheat the system as it logs people that have suspicious behaviour and removes them from the winner selection draw, and it doesn't tell you that it's removed you.

Deus Ex is not out yet. And so if you are the lucky winner you may choose your game but I will not send this out to you until the game has released.

The competition will last until Tuesday 16th August. At which point the competition system will draw a lucky winner, who I will get in touch with and ask which game they would like from No Mans Sky or Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

How do I get in touch? Via smoke signals, so look to the sky. Ok, no I send an email or contact you via Twitter or Facebook or Steam or directly on GD, depending on how you enter and win. So make sure your email address is valid.

For those who just want to complete a quick entry you can also just jump in to the competition with our Tweet button below or by installing our GD Anywhere Extension. Anyone with the extension will automatically be in with a chance of winning.

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT : Aaaaand the lucky winner is E.TotoKril from Netherlands for submitting a Tweet. And they chose a copy of Deus Ex Mankind Divided as their prize. Congratulations buddy! I will pass you a copy of this once it releases next week. Please drop by in the comments section below to talk to your fellow GD'ers. More competitions soon everyone! Hugs, Felix