Rockstar has released more screenshots for the highly anticipated open world adventure game, Grand Theft Auto V.

As Rockstar mentioned some time ago, they will be releasing lots of new screenshots and a trailer. Before you start to worry that you missed it, the trailer in question has not been released yet. With this ramping up of attention grabbing visuals we anticipate the release date announecment is imminent and we reckon, while they have your attention they will push for your pre-orders...

Rockstar has revealed in total five screenshots today and they seem to be targeting the business/industrial side of GTA V.

Lets take a look at these newly released screenshots, shall  we?


Taking a closer look at the first screenshot Rockstar has revealed, it seems to be a police car in persuit of a car transport truck. And on the truck, there is a man holding a side of it trying to jump off to the police car. Also, there appears to be a yellow colour car inside the truck. Likewise, police car's sirens are off, so that's where we can get to a point of that police car isn't driven by police or it's driven by a police who's friend of the person who is trying to jump off the truck. 


The second image is of a bi-plane. The person flying the plane seems to be re-appeared from the first screenshot as the person who is trying to jump off the truck. But we still cannot be very sure about it since the face is a bit unclearer at the moment. Furthermore, the second screenshot tried to concentrate on the graphics section of the game with the very detailed water reflections and very detailed earth.


In the third image, Rockstar seems to be showing off the vehicles and police in GTA. There seems to be a person running away by foot from the police, and a car, which appears to be a Lamborghini with another person on it which seems to be doing the same, running away. As Rockstar did on previously images, they've tried not to show off the person who's driving the car.


Now to the final screenshot, we've a helicopter and a man holding his AK-47 pointing towards the police helicopter. Also there seems to be a red laser light appearing on the screenshot, but the interesting thing about this laser light is that, if it's pointing from another person who is beside the person that is holding the AK-47 at the helicopter or a person who is on the helicopter is pointing the red dot light towards the person who is holding the AK-47.

Rockstar haven't told any of their fans about how these images are related to business. From looking at these images, few of them seems to be illegal ones.  Furthermore, Rockstar said that they "will be back with some more to see in a few weeks or so." More to see meaning a new trailer? Well, we can't be sure about it, but they seems to be hinting us about a trailer. You can head over to our news section to keep up to date with more upcoming Grand Theft Auto V news.

So what are your thoughts about "business" in Grand Theft Auto V? Let us know it through the comment section down below.