One of the best things about PC gaming is all the little extra we can fold in. There are literally millions of different programs which can be installed to do everything from monitor your graphics card temperature to overclocking, managing your hard drive space, or editing your own video content.

Here’s a few I can’t go without:

WinDirStat - An absolute saviour for those of us with limited storage space, but still useful even for keeping track of massive drives. WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics view which scans your hard drive or SSD and presents a visual map of its entire contents. At a glance you can find out what files are stashed away taking up loads space, with coloured rectangles used to indicate files and subdirectories. It’s worth running just to see what your hard drive looks like in glorious technicolour.

MSI Afterburner - In terms of GPU monitoring, you’d be hard pressed to do better than MSI Afterburner. This one pretty much does it all, including easy-to-use overclocking tools, fan speed settings, temperature monitoring and decent tools for capturing gameplay footage. Hard to go wrong with this one.

DDU: Display Driver Uninstaller - This one’s a bit limited in its use, but for me where I’m constantly switching out graphics cards for testing purposes, it’s invaluable. While can use AMD’s or Nvidia’s auto-uninstall programs, these can still lead to plenty of annoying conflicts. DDU totally wipes your graphics card drivers for a fresh install and should be your first port of call should a newly installed graphics not be detected.

Over to you, what free software do you think no PC gamer should be without?