I’ve been playing quite a bit of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided this week and I found it a bit of a strange one. The game is great, no doubt about it, but at times it feels like the series’ PC roots has practically been forgotten in the chase for those console dollars. The PC version looks fantastic, much better than PS4, but there are a number of strange design choices which feels like Eidos Montreal funneling PC players away from a traditional mouse and keyboard setup.

Firstly, the mouse acceleration. Not having a toggle for this immediately sets alarm bells ringing. It’s almost as if no one on the project is familiar with playing games on PC. With mouse acceleration turned on, the movement of the crosshair is based on the speed you move the mouse rather than an accurate 1:1 representation of movement. It makes it feel horribly inaccurate and laggy. I know some people prefer, but what about the millions who don't? An on/off toggle is surely coming soon, but it’s a bizarre oversight at launch.

Then there’s the small matter of the UI. On PC your augmented abilities are mapped to the (F)unction buttons on your keyboard, with the exception of a quick access skill via middle mouse click. Fair enough, that’s standard. But then your equipped skills are laid out like a console d-pad (+), along with slots for shoulder button shortcuts. It makes actually identifying what skill is attributed to what button an absolute nightmare.

I gave it go for a little while but then I thought screw it, I’m using a gamepad. It works like a charm, even if it isn’t necessarily the way I wanted to play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

So what do you make of the mouse and keyboard support in Deus Ex 4? Are you preferring to use gamepad or M&KB? Let us know!

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