At the risk of perhaps showing too much, Ubisoft has revealed yet another 20-minute gameplay video for Watch Dogs 2, this time focusing on the open-world and sandbox aspects which come into play with Marcus’s hacking phone. Throughout the video we get a look at Watch Dogs 2's enhanced hacking abilities, improved driving physics, character customisation, a drone overload and upgraded stealth skills.

The more I see of Watch Dogs 2, the more it seems just like the original Watch Dogs. I’m hoping actually playing it feels like a serious improvement. Those flying drone sections are likely to get old and the open-world activities don’t look like they dramatically shake up the original formula. There’s certainly plenty of ‘content’, but whether it’s content worth enduring repeatedly remains to be seen.

It’s worth bearing in mind this footage is taken from the PlayStation 4 version as well. Watch Dogs 2 on PC will hopefully look a lot better, with a far more stable frame rate.

Watch Dogs 2 is out on November 15th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.