It’s that time again, right around when the holiday season madness is about to kick in. I’m talking footie time of course, when the two giants that are FIFA and PES step into the ring to slug it out. FIFA 17 is with us on September 29th (or the 27th if you’re over in NA), while Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 drops a little earlier on September 15th (13th for the States). Most football fans are only going to buy one, which of FIFA 17 and PES 2017 do you think is most worthy of your cash?

First things first, the all important system requirements. If you’ve got a very old PC and PES 2017 is most definitely going to be the way to go, PES 2017's system requirements are very low. It’s based on the old Xbox 360 versions so it’s not graphically intensive and as such has a low set of system requirements. The FIFA 17 system requirements are quite a bit more demanding, and it’s sure to be the better game visually on PC thanks to the move to the Frostbite engine which also powers Battlefield 1.

Those system requirements also tell us another thing - PES 2017 on PC won’t have all the new bells and whistles the current gen console versions are getting. That means no visual upgrade, no new control methods, no new goalkeepers and adaptive AI which will learn from how you play. In essence, PES 2017 on PC is just a roster update. Aside from this it’s the same old game you’ve known and loved fro a few years now. Get it on PS4 or Xbox One though and it’s all those lovely new goodies above. Unfair treatment for PC gamers then, and I’ve no doubt it will steer many players towards FIFA 17.

Talking of which, FIFA 17 is the same on both console and PC this time around. It’s got a fairly hefty of list of tweaks and changes, including the ability to fine tune set pieces and control your starting position, adaptive AI which learns how you play in order to generate player runs into space, and advanced attacking techniques like threaded through balls.

So where do your loyalties lie this year? Are you picking up PES 2017 or FIFA 17? Going PC or console? Let us know!

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