Rainbow Six Siege is pretty much my lifeblood at this stage, so I was delighted to see it looks as if we’ll be getting another year’s worth of content. I mean it as well, I basically need six rounds daily in order to perform basic functions.

The confirmation of sorts comes via a Ubisoft survey which is going out to R6 Siege players saying “Here are some items that could be included in the future Season Pass. If you had to create your ideal Season Pass, which one would you like to see included?”

Ubisoft community managers were quick to hop in and try and deny a Year Two, saying “This survey could be used to generate more information on our player base for future titles as well. Let's keep things in perspective. :)”. They would say that of course, but the wording 'the future season pass' rather than 'a future season pass' seems very deliberate.

Things Ubisoft suggests for the R6 Siege Year Two season pass include uniforms, monthly skin subscriptions, exclusive customisation items and more. The current season pass grants instant access to each of the eight new operators a week before anyone else can purchase them, while maps are free for all. The priority here has to be to keep maps free in order to prevent the community from fragmenting, but any other bonuses would be great to see in a season pass.

The bad news for those who’ve stumped up for the Year One Rainbow Six Siege season pass is that you’ll have to stump up for another one. That was to be expected though of course; it’s always carried an expiry date of December 1st, 2016.

What would you like to see included with the Year Two season pass? Do you think Rainbow Six Siege has the legs to last another year? Let us know your thoughts!