Today’s a day I suspect quite a few console gamers have been waiting for - it’s PlayStation Meeting 2016 time. Sony has been teasing the event for some time. It’s been confirmed we can expect a new hardware reveal, possibly multiple. PlayStation 4 Slim and PS4 Neo seem like the front runners. But it’s not just the consoles we’re interested in, there’s also the prospect of new games. It looks almost certain that BioWare is in attendance with Mass Effect Andromeda or possibly its new IP, while Ubisoft is also going to be there. There’s still a big question mark hanging over Rockstar though, who are rumoured to be unveiling a Red Dead game.

The live event takes place at the PlayStation Theatre in New York City, 3PM local time today. That’s 8PM BST / 9PM CET. Right in the middle of Great British Bake Off here in the UK, which is a disgrace. I expect Mary and Paul are on the case.

You can tune live via the stream below.