Okay, you’ll have to excuse me for going very broad with this one, but too often it’s easy to complain about the problems rather than praise the things that are great. So forget the DLC crap and the microtransactions and the Games for Windows Live. Now it’s time to big up your number one favourite thing about PC gaming. The thing that you love about it above all else.

For me it would have to be the diversity of the experiences. PC gaming has long been the place to find strange curious and bizarre, experimental games which couldn’t exist anywhere else. I remember going into game shops and picking up some truly odd stuff which I haven’t seen or heard of since.

And this has only got more pronounced with the explosion of Steam. Whereas before you could release a game for £40 or a budget one for £30, now developers and publishers can target anywhere from 79p all the way up to £50. This opens up so many more doors for neat little games which otherwise aren’t long enough to justify a full-priced purchases. Games like Her Story, SUPERHOT, Hexcells and Train Valley are some of the most fun I’ve had in years. On PC, games don’t need marketing budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure success, and it’s here where you can find some hidden gems with fresh new ideas.

Over to you now then, what is your absolute favourite thing about PC gaming? Are you a hardware hoarder, extreme overclocker, or a bargain hunter? Love your mouse and keyboard? Let us know!