Videogame maestro Hideo Kojima took to the stage during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show 2016 press conference this morning, letting slip a few tantalising new details regarding Death Stranding. We found out basically nothing at its E3 reveal, but it turns out Death Stranding will be an open-world action game with online components, so it sounds much like MGS V: The Phantom Pain in this respect.

Kojima also said Death Stranding’s open world will have a degree of freedom too it, which is tautology if ever I’ve seen it. That said, unlike MGS V it will have a significant focus on story and narrative despite the online elements.

He also went into a little bit of detail on what those mysterious ropes were leading into the sea in the reveal trailer. In Death Stranding, every player is connected to other players via “rope or strand elements”. So it sounds like follow the rope and you will end up meeting another player. Unless they’re using the same servers as No Man’s Sky.

Lastly, Kojima said his ambition was to demonstrate that a small indie studio is capable of creating "triple-A, world class" games, and that Death Stranding will be coming to, and take advantage of, PlayStation 4 Pro. I reckon it’s got a bigger shout of arriving on PS5, in truth.

A few little details then, but it still feels like a game revealed far too early for public consumption. There is such a thing as overexposure. I’d hazard a guess we’re still three or four years away from Death Stranding, yet Kojima Productions has already teased it multiple times. It’s the total opposite of Fallout 4’s launch blitzkrieg, and by the time launch actually rolls around there’s going to be an incredible level of expectation and hype resting on Kojima’s shoulders.