Look, we’ve all done it. At some point a shiny new game comes along and forces you to drop everything and get it, no matter the cost. Your brain rationalises the hype to the point where you are actively telling yourself “I need this game.” The only problem comes when you can’t play the game with the hardware you already have. An upgrade is necessary. Possibly even a totally new build. Anything it takes to play this new game.

For me I’d guess my most heinous expenditure was for Battlefield 2. I’d lived and breathed BF1942 and Battlefield Vietnam and getting the sequel wasn’t even a discussion. Naturally enough I built a SLI monster with a pair of GeForce 7800 graphics cards and a mighty 2GB of RAM. I was ready. Bankrupt but ready.

I’m a bit worried to think about the overall cost but it must have been getting up to £2000. The dual graphics cards were just totally overkill for everything out at the time as well. Never again would I go for SLI. To this day it’s still the most I’ve ever spent on playing a single game. But boy could it play Battlefield 2 well. Worth every penny.

That’s my guilty secret off my chest, now what about yours. What’s the game which single-handedly forced your big biggest expenditure? What did you buy? Let us know!