Steam’s great at doing what it does, but what it does is actually kind of limited. At its core it’s just a digital storefront where you can buy, download and play games. Chat to your friends. But there’s heaps and heaps it doesn’t yet do, or doesn’t do quite right. But imagine if you had a direct line to Gabe himself and you could change anything you wanted about Steam.

One of the biggest bugbears has to be the naming system. Steam users are free to change their handle whenever they wish, with a URL for their profile if they want to share their details. Actually looking for someone via their Steam handle never works though. Literally. You just have a clunky URL loaded with numbers. Make it easier to find your friends Valve.

Also, I’m a big fan of convenience, particularly when it comes to gaming. I view it as pure entertainment, and the more work I have to put into it, the more it’s failed. Which is why I’d love the console party and voice chat system to make it over to Steam. It saves fiddling around with TeamSpeak and the like, and having to share even more usernames and open up even more programs. A nice, quick, easy way to invite five or six friends into a single group and automatically hop into servers together or just chat while you’re playing different games. On PS4 I find this feature incredibly slick and it works so much better than a per game party system.

I don’t want to name too many as I’m more interested in yours, but one final thing which I’d love to see is patch rollbacks. On GOG Galaxy you can revert back to any version of a game. So if an update breaks a game you can basically de-patch and run an older version. It’s a great failsafe in case users run into any compatibility issues.

So if you could ask Gabe himself for some new Steam features or changes, what would you like to see? Is there anything else that you reckon other PC game clients do better?