They might not be the most glamorous of things, but we’ve all got a few of them lying around. Usually handed out in goody bags for no reason, all branded up. I’m talking about the humble mouse mat. The cosy rest for your rodent friend. The sturdy base which forms the cornerstone of your CSGO performance. Or not, as the case may be. I’m sure some of you heathens even go mousemat-less.

While on the surface it just seems like a throwing rug to roll your mouse over, mouse mats come in an incredible range of sizes and prices, ranging from tiny freebies to desk-sized behemoths and colour-changing monstrosities. I’m not kidding either, the Razer Firefly can be lit up from an array of 16.8 million colours. Yours for only £60.

So that might be a ridiculous price for a scrap of cloth, but people are clearly willing to pay these prices to get the best performance. Your eyebrows might raise at the term ‘performance’, but I’d argue the mouse mat you use is just as important as the mouse and keyboard when it comes to getting one over your opponents in a round of Rainbow Six Siege. Different mouse mats facilitate different playstyles, whether you be the speed-aiming king or opt for a little more accuracy and control. Get a crappy mouse mat, or none at all, and you’re not going to get the 1:1 movement you really need for the ultimate precision.

I’m of the opinion that it’s go big or go home as well. No one wants to be dealing with running out of mouse mat room. My next play is to get an absolutely giant one to cover the whole desk. Monitor, keyboard, mouse and all. There’s some which stretch as far as 1.5 metres across.

Anyway, my point being I think that mouse mats are an integral and yet often underappreciated component of PC gaming, what do you think? How much would you be willing to spend on a mouse mat or is it not a priority for you at all? Let us know!

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