GTA V Redux mod aims to reinvigorate the already beautiful Grand Theft Auto 5, updating new road textures and even adding new company billboards and taxi ads. The game has a new look thanks to a new time cycle system, along with simulated global illumination and more. This GTA V ReDux mod will probably cost the gamer around 5-20 frames per second, compared to the vanilla game install.

Technically the mod enhances the game's graphics in almost every way to make it look, well, stunning is the best word for it. Before I go on with the praise, I reckon it is best to judge for yourself with this Launch Trailer below:

Here is a list of all the GTA V changes that this mod brings to the game

  • Simulated global illumination.
  • Perfect shadow cascades, with extended distance and intensity.
  • Brand new timecycle modifiers providing stunning tonemapping for both 3rd and 1st person views.
  • Lowered and re-configured fog for natural, yet revealing landscapes with a perfect atmospheric touch.
  • Lowered lens artifacts, removed chromatic aberration, noise, and environmental blur for a clean view.
  • Added brand new motion blur, DOF effects, and additional bokeh, for that picture perfect look.
  • Newly added volumetric lighting for all times of day.
  • Brand new weather particle effects, including totally original atmospheric mist/fog, pollen particles, dust, and wind debris.
  • Individually crafted direct light for each and every body of water in the game. Providing the best looking water to date!
  • More location based timecycle edits to give that custom touch to specific areas in the city and countryside.
  • Limited city light pollution for night time.
  • 100% custom cloud hats, cycles, and colors.
  • Additional color correction and postfx applied to each weather separately, to allow for the perfect balance.
  • Brand new hbao settings, removing odd light bubbles and other bugs.
  • Corrected coronas with a brand new texture, thresholds, and exposure limits.
  • Increased and fine tuned global reflections.

In addition to your game files, you should make sure you have at least 70GB extra space so that there is no intrusion to main game files and your save game data. The installation procedure is available here while you can download the Mod itself here.

As to the actual frame rate cost to the gamer, we will run some tests over the coming days to see what performance impact the GTA V ReDux mod has compared to the base install of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Who out there mods their games regularly? Lets see a show of hands, or at least a show of poll points below.

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