Since its announcement at E3 2016, Death Stranding, Kojima’s first game since MGSV, has been a source for widespread speculation and excitement. After its somewhat vague and slightly confusing teaser trailer, tidbits of information have started appearing regarding the game's content.

In true cryptic style, Kojima Productions posted a tweet stating that the game will be out before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and also said that it will be out before the movie Akira, which we believe to be arriving in 2019. This in turn has lead gamers to the conclusion that the possible release date will be sometime in 2019 or perhaps 2018.

This news joins earlier announcements that the game will feature open world elements, an online multiplayer mode of some form and is an “action/stealth”. As we are still a way off from that release period expect a drip feed of cryptic information from the developers for the foreseeable future.

Another bit of Death Stranding news was that a female protagonist may appear alongside Norman Reedus (of the Walking Dead fame). As expected, Kojima’s reputation is already generating significant amounts of anticipation, as gamers eagerly wait to see what he can do under the new banner of Kojima Productions.

The man himself has stated that he feels this will be the “best game he has ever made”. For many gamers (including myself) he has a tough act to follow after MGSV, but never-the-less the hype levels for this game will likely only go up.

But what do you think, is this a title that was announced too early so they could keep Kojima in our gamer minds or is it becoming an enjoyable drip feed reveal that will boost the games excitement upwards?