There are few surer bets in the world of gaming than Grand Theft Auto 6. GTA 5 has shifted 65 million units and counting, and still consistently sits near the top of the bestseller charts. Take-Two execs will have been leaning on Rockstar to get it out as quickly as possible. As hyped as gamers are for Red Dead 3, Rockstar will be lucky if it sells even a quarter of GTA 6.

So it’s coming then. Not now, and probably not soon, but it’s coming. The big question then is - where is Grand Theft Auto 6 going to be set?

Up until now we’ve had GTA games set in approximations of LA, New York, Miami, Las Vegas; even London. The major US cities, at least from a tourists perspective, have basically been ticked off already. However, co-creator Dan House said back in 2013 that despite the GTA: London spin-off, “GTA is America”.

That pretty much rules out any locations aboard, unless something major happened to change Houser’s thinking between then and now. We’ve certainly heard rumours of a GTA Tokyo, and it’s not hard to think of all sorts of cool locations to base a sequel in. The problem is, few are as rich for satire and as iconic as the American locales.

For me personally I’d like to see a return to the East Coast, but not just enough New York rehash. A San Andreas-style mix of areas would be great, including Maryland, New Jersey, New York and perhaps even Maine. I’m talking full blown, The Wire-style cops and gangsters drama, preferably seen from both sides of the law. Come on Rockstar, you know you want to. Failing that, come on over to merry old England. I've always wanted to have a car chase in Slough.

So that’s where I’d like to see Rockstar set GTA 6, although I’ve got my doubts as to whether they’d actually do it. So where do you think Rockstar is going to set GTA 6, and also where would you like them to?

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