Mods are amazing things. Without them, Skyrim is a little bit crap. Go on, admit it. But with them? It’s your ticket to an endless world of fantasy mayhem. From epic new quest lines to genuinely great writing, via a giant dragon reskinned as Thomas the Tank Engine. They make ugly games beautiful. They make unplayable games playable. Yep, mods are pretty awesome.

You only have to glance over to the calamity that was Fallout 4’s PS4 mods situation (hint: they’re never coming) to see mods are a true, unparalleled strength of PC gaming. Possibly its greatest strength, I’d argue.

And as you know, the things they can do cover just about anything. It doesn’t matter whether that’s flying around as Iron Man in GTA 5 or the all-conquering fantasticness of Counter-Strike. They can change the environment, alter the gameplay, boost performance, improve the graphics, add content, let you cheat, provide new audio, add new characters. Anything you want, someone has probably done it.

But with the hundreds of thousands of mods out there for all sorts of different games, how do you know which ones to look out for. Do you follow specific mod creators? Are you interested in certain types of mods? Do you love using mods to improve upon what’s already there, or to play something entirely new? Let us know!

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