After years of rumours, Amazon Game Studios has at last come and announced its first forays into the weird and wonderful world of PC gaming. Announced during TwitchCon 2016 (Twitch was bought by Amazon for the cool sum of $970 million back in 2014), the trio of titles cover a wide range of genres but have one thing in common - they’re all perfect streaming fodder.

It’s something that’s been bubbling under surface for a while now, what with Amazon snapping up Killer Instinct developer Double Helix, and that $70 million deal with Crytek.

The first game to be announced, and certainly the nearest to launch, is Breakaway, a 4v4 mythological sports brawler clearly taking aim at the eSports market. From the looks of things it’s Rocket League by way of DOTA, challenging players to get the ball into the opposing team’s goal. Characters can attack one another though, and when they it takes a while to respawn, providing a numerical advantage to attackers. Players will also be able to get stuck into a spot of light base building, putting up defenses and such.

Then there’s Crucible. This one sounds very neat on paper. It’s a third-person shooter wherein 12 players are dropped on an alien planet and must fight to survive. There are hostile creatures which will require teamwork to defeat, but ultimately players must betray one another as only one can come out as the victor. Yes, it is The Hunger Games. Let’s hope it’s better than the truly dreadful The Culling.

Lastly, there’s New World. Judging from the concept art and renders, this one is the most embryonic of the three. I wouldn’t expect this to launch for a good year or two. New World is a massively multiplayer open-world sandbox game in which players colonise 17th century America. The twist on this though is that all the supernatural monsters and mythical creatures settlers believe in at the time are very much real. It will have a full day / night cycle, passing seasons and extensive career systems as players become builders, farmers, adventurers, etc.

It’s evident that Amazon has basically knocked up a list of the most on trend things in gaming and just aimed to check them all off with this trio of games. It’s certainly easy to be cynical of some of Amazon’s choices here, but in truth there are some neat ideas here which could benefit from having the huge financial backing from Amazon. Anyone who can make an MMO survival game which isn’t totally broken and doesn’t launch in Early Access would get a big thumbs up from me.

What do you make of Amazon's first foray into PC gaming? Which of this trio are you most excited for? Let us know?

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