I didn’t want to have to write this but seeing as 2K has made it pretty much impossible for non-Youtube press to get their hands on Mafia 3, I was wondering what the GD community made of the latest gangland epic. My normal port of call with this sort of thing would be to head to the likes of Metacritic or OpenCritic to see what Mafia 3 was like. Only, at the time of writing this one Friday evening, the day of Mafia 3’s launch, there is not a single review of Mafia III to be seen on either.

Mafia 3 is on store shelves and I have zero idea whether it’s worth buying. All I know is that it’s got a 30 FPS frame rate cap and a heap of negative reviews on Steam because of this.

For this release 2K has definitely decided to favour the YouTube tastemakers, sending out their swag bags of goodies like hoodies, turntables, and early copies of the game in return for a bunch of coverage. For a lot of them though, they aren’t interested in criticism, just promoting the game. I could head over to YouTube and see what a few think, but I’m doubtful I could get a reliable opinion.

To be fair this is something which is happening more and more though, so perhaps it’s just a case of being left behind. Do you trust your resident YouTubers more than the scribes busting out written reviews? Is it reassuring to see the face behind the opinion? I guess it is, but I’m still very wary of sponsored content even from the few ‘Tubers I follow.

Anyway, I am, like many others probably, sitting firmly on the fence as to whether to buy Mafia 3. Everything up until now looked awesome, from the 60’s soundtrack to the New Orleans riffing setting. With all this strange behaviour from 2K some serious doubts have crept in though.

For anyone who’s got hold of it yet, is it worth buying or should we wait for a sale? What do you think of 2K’s tactic of withholding reviews? Does this set alarm bells ringing it could be a terrible game? Let us know!

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