First Psychonauts 2 Gameplay Returns Players To A Familiar Location

Written by Stuart Thomas on Mon, Oct 10, 2016 2:00 PM
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The first gameplay footage of Psychonauts 2 is here, courtesy of a behind-the-scenes developer video from the folks at Double Fine. Despite only being funded recently on Fig it’s already sporting some luscious visuals as Raz explores the psycheof various characters.

From the looks of things it’s a faithful update to the original’s warped art style. We've got a return to a classic location as well, adapted to the new 3D engine and looking all the better for it.

We’re “starting to explore how we lay out levels so you can understand where the points of interest are, and where you can go, and where there might be secrets hidden, but also have the level of fine grain, lush density that people expect from a current-gen game," explains lead designer Zak McClendon to Tim Schafer in the video.

From a gameplay standpoint it seems business as usual for Psychonauts 2, although Raz does have a few nifty moves in his repertoire. In addition to the usual double jumps and rail grinding he can also use telekinesis to lift up and throw up objects. He had this in the original Psychonauts of course, but this time it’s all physics-based.

A promising start to Psychonauts 2 then but don’t hold your breath to be playing this soon. The current delivery estimate is Q3 2018 over on Fig, and no crowdfunded Double Fine game is quite right without an inevitable delay.

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23:42 Oct-10-2016

Get hyped

:D take my money, Double-Fine-

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14:18 Oct-10-2016

OMG! It looks sooo awesome! Totally psyched about this! :D


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