Rockstar has sent the internet ablaze and grown men into tears with a single change of its logo. The Rockstar logo is now set against a brushed red paint background across all of its social media platforms and official website, evidently teasing the inevitable Red Dead 3.

The logo changed happened across all of its social media platforms simultaneously, prompting speculation that Rockstar is planning an imminent reveal of the new Red Dead game. It’s difficult to see what else it could be other than a new Red Dead as it’s been years since Rockstar Games had made any previous changes to its social media accounts.

Predictably enough the internet has collectively pooped itself in the excitement. The big questions now are - what’s it going to be called; when is Rockstar finally going to take the wraps off Red Dead 3, and when is it going to launch?

According to code which was previously found buried in Rockstar’s website but has since been removed, the sequel is going to be called Red Dead: Retribution. That sounds about right for me. One name it's almost guaranteed not to be is Red Dead Redemption 2, so Red Dead Retribution, Red Dead Revenge etc seem to be on the right track.

Further rumours indicate Red Dead 3 is going to be a prequel to Red Dead Redemption rather than continue after the events of Rockstar’s Western magnum opus. Hopefully we hear more on this sooner rather than later. Could the big reveal even be this week?