Rockstar Games' official Twitter account has confirmed a new Red Dead game is coming our way, tweeting out a picture of seven outlaws cresting a hill in front of a setting sun. It follows Rockstar changing all of its social media profiles to a bleeding red background yesterday, strongly hinting at an official Red Dead 3 reveal soon.

This new artwork went up at 14:00 BST today, exactly the same time as Rockstar made the changes yesterday. If I were betting man I'd suggest there's going to be Red Dead 3 teases every day this week, with a trailer reveal on Friday. 

Taking a stab at this I'd guess the playable character is the center while his posse is flanking them. There's also the chance Rockstar could be going the GTA 5 route with Red Dead Redemption 2 and offer multiple characters to play as. Could this perhaps be all seven of them?

I don't think there's any argument now that another Red Dead game is coming. All we're hoping for now is there's also a PC version in the works. Considering the success achieved by Rockstar with the sublime PC port of Grand Theft Auto 5, this seems a nailed on thing. Don't be surprised if you have to do a little bit of waiting again though.