Look, by now, what with its open beta and paid early access, just about everyone has benchmarked Battlefield 1 on pretty much every combination of hardware. But what about the maps themselves? Are some Battlefield 1 maps capable of crushing GPUs while others are plain sailing? Are there some you should avoid in matchmaking if you’re going to struggle for performance? Let’s take a look.

In total Battlefield 1 launches with nine maps, while an additional one is due in a few weeks. That might not sound like a great deal but in typical Battlefield form each is a huge, sprawling, interconnected mess of a map with a great deal of variety in terms of lines of sight, choke points and the vehicles at play.

Unsurprisingly not all maps are built the same, and in our benchmarking we found some maps were as much as a 17% drop in frame rate compared to others.

For these benchmarks we took the average frame rate during 64-player Conquest matches over the course of a match. This was done using an MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming X 6G, an Intel Core i7-5820K CPU and 16GB DDR4 memory, all at 1080p / Ultra graphics preset.

Battlefield 1 Every Map Benchmarked 

MapAverage FPS
Monte Grappa97
Argonne Forest87
Empire's Edge81
Ballroom Blitz97
St Quentin Scar87
Sinai Desert92
Fao Fortress94


Least Demanding Battlefield 1 Maps

Most Demanding Battlefield 1 Maps

My general finding was that the denser a map was, the more demanding it is. Amiens is a classic example of this. You can't actually see very far in the tight, winding streets of its town, but it's still one of the more demanding maps as there's a lot going on in a small amount of space. 

As soon as you head out into the more open, sometimes plainer maps like Sinai Desert or Monte Grappa you can see the frame rates begin to soar. The latter map in particular is absolutely beautiful, probably the pick of the bunch, and yet it also provides the highest frame rate. Battlefield 1 doesn't seem to have any issues with draw distance, so its wide open vistas don't trouble the frame rate much.

One exception to this rule is Empire's Edge. Quite an open map with lots of relatively empty terrain, this is in fact the most demanding map in Battlefield 1. I've got a feeling this due to the mist effect prevalent in much of the map, dragging the frame rate down. If you're struggling for performance in BF1, it may be best to give this particular map a wide berth.

Regardless of the more demanding maps though, Battlefield 1 looks and performs absolutely incredible. DICE has worked wonders here from a visual standpoint. All the while the GeForce GTX 1060 barely breaks a sweat. Lovely to see and it should mean BF1 works on quite an array of systems.