We’re getting to that time now where both Nvidia and AMD have pretty much shown their hands for this generation. We’ve got the 1080 Ti waiting in the wings of course, along with AMD’s impending Vega, but for now we basically know the lay of the land in terms of the GTX 10 Series and AMD’s Radeon RX 400 graphics cards. With all that in mind we can begin making a confident decision on which graphics card to buy.

As ever, Nvidia has you got you covered from top to bottom this generation. From the recently announced GeForce GTX 1050 which can be had for as little as $109, all the way up to the mighty GeForce GTX 1080 and the GTX Titan X Pascal (stretching up to $600 and $1500 respectively. AMD on the other is just concerned with the high volume low to mid-range market, ranging from the Radeon RX 460 up to the RX 480.

There’s heaps to choose from and, as I said in last week’s Up For Debate, a seemingly infinite variety of different versions from AIB partners. Where then, to begin? I think the first we all do is lay down a price. The maximum amount we are prepared to go through in order to sate our lust for blinding visuals and silky smooth frame rates.

For me personally I’m always looking in the same price range pretty much every time I buy a graphics card - around £200-£300, which is around $200 -$300 these days. Any less than this and I feel I’m going to have to upgrade too soon and any more and it starts to feel like I’m paying over the odds for very little gain (at least on my 1080p monitor).

So how much do you look to spend when you buy a new graphics card? Are you always looking at the same sort of price range or do you occasionally go big? Let us know!

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