Halloween Special: Our Best Pick of the Most Blood Curdling Skyrim Mods

Written by Ed SW on Sun, Oct 30, 2016 4:00 PM
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So as you probably noticed the Skyrim Special Edition has just gone live today in all of its DirectX 11 glory and it has just so happened to fall on the spookiest of all weekends, that of Halloween. We know that not everyone has been lucky enough to get a copy of Skyrim SE, whether through pre-order or ownership of Skyrim Ultimate Edition, but have no fear (...or maybe do) we have picked out some of our favourite spine tingling mods for the original Skyrim so everyone can have a Halloween-tastic Skyrim experience, new version or not. 

28 Days and a Bit 5 - Zombie Mutation by Eccentric Team

We all know the feeling, some days you just want to see the world burn in a zombie infested heap before your eyes. Luckily the guys over at Eccentric Team know just the right way to give us our fix. One of our favourite mods to just mess around on, 28 Days and a Bit 5 gives you the ability to create the rotting flesh infested apocalypse of your dreams. Featuring in depth scenario builder that allows you to customise your rotting shenanigans, whether that be an all out infestation or a patient zero scenario that spreads as time goes on, the amount of customisation is really quite impressive.  And don't worry, if you're fed up of the whole surviving thing dragging on, just give up and give into the wiles of your decomposing brethren. You can even join in on all the fun and become a dead head yourself. Beats just killing everyone in Whiterun over and over again. 


They're a cheery bunch.

 Undead behinds are surprisingly taught 

The Fifth Gate by GLArtMods

Well, this one is definitely unsettling and we loved every blood drenched minute of it. A great quest mod, we were taken on a hell of an experience, terrible pun intended, sorry. With stellar voice acting from the mod creator himself, top quality cut scenes (a well appreciated rarity on a modded quest or in fact any mod full stop), engaging riddles, mind bending puzzles, live gargoyles, a platforming section (we're not kidding) and more red lighting than Soho at 3am; this quest is best played with the lights on and curtains drawn. 

See what we mean about the red lighting


 One of Fifth Gates many inviting corridors


 Undeath by Antioch08

This mod is great, you get to become a Lich and just generally be a bad ass necromancer, what more could you possibly want? After finding an ambushed caravan, where, you guessed it, no one's left alive, you are led on a trail to find a powerful necromancer who's up to no good, doing an unholy ritual and pushing kids over and a whole smorgasbord of other evil stuff. Upon finding and stopping him it is up to you to decide what to do with his lost secrets... but come on, you get to be a a floating un-dead Lich King, we lapped up all the heresy we could fit in our cheeks and every morsel was awesome. A really well put together alternative to the Werewolf or Vampire forms and an engaging story line, this mod really let's you live death to the full, give it a whirl on us. 


A fan of hipster jeans

A stylish hat 

Beyond Reach by Razorkid1

We of course saved the biggest for last. Beyond Reach is not the Halo sequel you might expect, but rather a new land in it's entirety for you to mosey about in and in keeping with this article, not a cheery one at that. With gloom filled skies, a depressed populace always moping at you and paradisaical scenes as pictured below, it's definitely not a place you want to go on a honeymoon. With its own map, its own lore and its own unique atmosphere Beyond Reach is easy to get lost in for a good couple of haunting hours, we know we have and we still haven't finished it. Well worth a look if you have a spare Halloween afternoon, Beyond Reach is all the exploring you need this Halloween. 


One of this lands idyllic settings


 And the weather, *cough* to die for 

So there we have it, a quick round up of our four favourite Skyrim mods to get you through Halloween 2016. We're sure if you haven't been lucky enough to be graced with the Special Edition these will add enough new game play for you not to be sour, and hey, with any luck we should hopefully see some of these trickle through to the new version for all of you who were blessed enough to get it. If you liked the look of any of these mods, feel free to click the links above and head on over to their nexus page, we're sure they'll appreciate, otherwise - it's a Happy Halloween from everyone here at Game-Debate!

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admin badge
09:12 Oct-31-2016

I am seriously considering to replay skyrim on the new edition. I hope that these will get upgraded!

17:30 Oct-30-2016

These work for new Special Edition or do I have to go back to normal Skyrim?

17:47 Oct-30-2016

most mods don't work for both


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