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Its a battle of the FPS titans. Today I offer up the chance to win either a copy of the historically set Battlefield 1 or would you rather go sci-fi and choose a copy of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare? Both awesome in their own right. To give those of you not that fussed about first person shooters an option I am also adding the latest Civilisation 6 into the mix. A brilliantly fun, just-one-more-turn, strategy, which has already had me up until daft hours in the morning.

So to clarify, one lucky winner will be able to choose one of those three games as their free game prize.

How do you get involved in this free game giveaway? It's the usual setup here so that anyone can be in with a chance of winning. The more actions you commit from the table below the more chances you have of winning this free game giveaway.

A quick note - don't try to cheat the system as it logs people that have suspicious behaviour and removes them from the winner selection draw, and it doesn't tell you that it's removed you.

The competition will last until Tuesday, 8th November, at which point the competition system will draw a lucky winner. I'll then get in touch with them and ask which game they would prefer out of Battlefield 1, COD Infinite Warfare or Civ VI on PC.

How do I get in touch with the winner? I send an email or contact you via Twitter or Facebook or Steam or directly on GD, depending on how you enter and win. So make sure your email address is valid.

For those who just want to complete a quick entry you can also just jump in to the competition with our Tweet button below or by installing our GD Anywhere Extension. Anyone with the extension will automatically be in with a chance of winning.

Also anyone who is a Steam Group member of GD will also be in the draw, so please add yourself to our GD Steam group as well.

Again, to clarify, each way you enter counts as one entry into the competition. So entering via tweeting counts as an entry, already being a member of our steam group counts as another entry, already having installed our useful GD Anywhere Extension counts as another entry, being a youtube channel member is another entry, and so on. So a lot of you might not even need to bother to join our social groups because you are already in them and entered into our game giveaway competition. But you can always fire out a new tweet to add another entry.


The winner is Carl.G From CA, US for recommending a friend to the comp. Unlucky for your friend but lucky for you bro! You chose....Civ 6. Interesting. Wasnt even meant to be one of the "main games" on offer but is of course amazing. Anyway, please pop along and say hi to your fellow GD'ers when you get a moment between turns. Dont forget everyone, the Global Game Awards 2016 is now live and if you vote, tweet about it you are in with a chance of winning up to 6 games from the game of the year category. So pop over there and tell the gaming industry of 2016 what you think by casting your vote.
Hugs, Felix