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We’ve made it. Halloween is the rear view mirror. We can stop scaring ourselves witless because it’s just what you’re ‘supposed to do’. Now, the last few weeks have a bit crazy and it’s not letting up soon either. Shooter fans have been spoiled rotten with the likes of Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1 and COD: Infinite Warfare, while Skyrim has sucked in so many of us again we’re partying like it’s 2011. Oh, and there's the small matter of Civilization VI, practically the most all consuming game we've ever laid eyes on. There’s heaps of gaming to get on with then, so what are your gaming plans this weekend?

Jon - My main aim is to sink a load more time into Battlefield 1. I really like it but finding time to play since my review has been a little bit difficult. Not because I’m especially short on time, more because it’s just, well, nowhere near as good as Rainbow Six Siege. Sorry DICE. They’re very different experiences to be fair, but I keep coming back to Ubisoft’s shooter time, and time, and time again. Hopefully a do manage to squeeze in a bit more of a mixture of the two this weekend though, because when Battlefield 1 hits its stride it can be pretty decent fun.

Aside from this I’m mulling over giving The Elder Scrolls Online another crack. I have no idea why. The urge is strong though, and it’s just sitting there now, subscription free, so what’s the harm. I hear quite positive things about it lately and I fancy some Elder Scrolls without diving into Skyrim all over again for the Special Edition.

Felix - Oh my. It’s tricky. Each time I turn on the PC to play a game I have two currently shouting for my attention. The first is Total War Warhammer (with its non-stop DLC, which I really like) or the new Civilization 6.

I am really enjoying Civ VI. There are a few oddities about how it displays the information to the player, but on the whole it does the vast majority of user interface vs huge complexity pretty much right. This 2016 civ is a great follow on from CIV 4. I didn't like CIV 5.

Total Wars latest Warhammer DLC The Warlord and The King focuses on Greenskins and Dwarves. Its pretty good fun, that helps invigorate the Greenskin faction, more than anything else. I am going to see if I can get a hold of the Grombrindal free DLC as well, but as you will probably now know, you have to go into a local Games Workshop retail outlet in the high street to get a code. So that should be fun.
Other than that, I really want to find time to play some Battlefield 1 with some fellow GD’ers. Who is out there giving it a go? Anyone got into Titanfall 2? Do we need to start organising a GD Warriors gaming group?

Squee - What’s that you say? What am I playing? Sorry, no time to talk. I am playing Civilization VI, and therefore cannot spare you the time to converse. Or to eat. Or to clean myself, or sleep. I am too busy founding Confucianism in Liverpool, and arguing with the Greeks about city states, and selling chocolate to the Egyptians. If the goal of a Civ game is to create an immensely enjoyable time sink, well, they’ve done it proud, and it doesn’t feel like it’s crying out for the inevitable pair of expansions it’ll receive, in the way some earlier versions of Civ have. So that’s what I’ve been playing this weekend, and also, inexorably, for the rest of the year as well for that matter.

Ed - What am I playing? Hmmm that’s a good question, well actually who am i kidding? It’s easy, with my current setup I can only play a handful of the games I own, so it’s likely to be between my big two at the moment, Age of Empires HD and Rust. Quite the demanding titles some would say. Age of Empires is easy to explain why, you have fond memories of a game from your childhood, so you give it a replay when the chance comes around only to find that it wasn’t just rose tinted glasses but, in fact, it was a really great, well balanced, engaging game. Boom, can’t put it down. Although the tricky thing with playing with people of similar skill levels (ie mediocre) is it’s hard to stop your games from lasting over four hours.

Rust on the other hand, even I can’t explain why I find it so addictive. A community almost as venomous and salty at that of Lol or Dota. Everything you ever do is wiped every two weeks. 95% of interactions are with screaming angsty teenagers who would like to do nothing more than stamp on your hard work. Even I can't understand why I like it and I've sank days into Rust. I guess it’s because after days of turmoil and escaping danger by the skin of your teeth, you get to become a force to be reckoned with, a shining beacon of good nature and kindliness, burning against the screaming waves of angsty insecurity… until an even bigger group comes along and stamps that out sharpish, but then I guess you just start again from there.

So that's what we're up to, now it's over to you fine ladies and gents. What are your gaming plans this weekend?