So here’s one for you. One that admittedly has a chance to get hairy so we must insist you play indubitably  nice. MOBAs *Gasps*. Love ‘em or hate ‘em they’re here and they’re going to be round for some time yet, but which one do you think really pulls it off as the best MOBA for someone who hasn't played one before to start playing? Quite the mouthful of a question isn't it? 

We get this is a broad debate but we want you to take everything into account. Which one has the best characters? Who is the guy we go to for the fairest of the fair system of gameplay? Where oh where do we head for the best MOBA formula? Which makes it easiest for new players to pick up? And of course, a big'n lest we forget, which has the nicest community? It’ll be very easy for people to jump on the bandwagon and choose the one they play most, but the one you play the most is likely the one you have found the most weak points on so bare that in mind.

So let’s face it, we’re taking a leap of faith here, we all know this could get less than friendly below, but let’s rap for a second yo. There’s so much someone that’s never MOBA’ed should know that we can share with them, we all know that at first it isn’t an easy game type to pick up and get instantly, it heavily favours game knowledge as key to being good at the game. So for someone to get to the stage of actually being able to hold their own, it’d be a shame for them to of sunk days in a MOBA that just doesn’t go anywhere.

So as said before, which MOBA do you think has the best character pool? One that’s interesting, well stylised and not so heavily one sided that you end up always playing the same character match after match. Are there any MOBAs that have shaken up the gameplay, alleviated the incessant clicking for a different take? And which community is less likely to call you a scrub and rage quit when you admit you don’t know how to play the game?

Let us know down below yo, take your time and bust us a rhyme, keep it fly, what’s the MOBA for the new guy?

Take a gander of what we’ve come up with and let us know if you think we’ve missed one out!

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