We thought we’d just open this one up to speculation. As you’ve probably seen, Mass Effect Andromeda has set a date for “something” to happen on November the 7th (if you haven’t, why not check out our N7 Trailer article on it). But the thing on everyone’s mind is what actually is it that Mass Effect: Andromeda’s going to release on N7 ahead of their Spring 2017 release?

This is why we’re coming to you guys with this quandary, what do you think we’ll see and more importantly, what do you actually want to see?

We know the Game-Debate headquarters have been rife with theories, hopes and dreams. Our resident tech guru, is optimistic. He figures that there’s going to be a big reveal where everything that’s been elusive so far is answered in a grand sweeping gesture of goodwill and we’ll all be brought to tears of joy at the prospect of a whole new galaxy to explore. (May have used artistic license there a bit)

Jon the Joff man S, however, is a believer of doom and gloom. He figures that it could just be a load of nothing and hoo-has; and doubts that it’s really going to be anything other than more teaser-ing. Which isn't that far-fetched really, given their mystique so far.

I (Ed, hey how’s it going?) however kind of see the merit in both perspectives and honestly can’t make my mind up between them, both would work from a PR perspective for instance. I can kinda get Jon’s drift, there’s still a lot of time for more to be revealed and the hype to mount and mount but it’s Chris’s outcome that I’d really like to see.

But the question really is where do you guys stand, who’s perspective do you agree with most? Or even what’s your own perspective (we are highly intelligent primates after all)? Also, what do you think Mass Effect Andromeda’s going to be all about? We know it’s at least 400 years after the first trilogy so anythings possible. Let us know down in the comments!