If you’ve managed to check our couple of articles on the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 breakdown and GTX 1050 Ti breakdown and are aware that we are planning to do the same for the AMD Radeon RX 460 amongst other lower end graphics cards, then you’ve probably guessed that we’re on a bit of a budget hype at the moment. It’s hard not to be with everything budget this GPU generation has to offer now on the table. But the big question is, now that we can actually see all of our options, which is the card that you guys think is the best one to go for when looking for a bargain?

This is not the easiest of questions as we’re sure you know, there’s a lot to take into account. First of all performance is such a spray and pray science that there’s not often a conclusion that can be readily jumped to over which card is better, with the two AMD and Nvidia going about the same goal in radically different ways, it’s tricky to make the call as which is the best one overall. While also with this generation all the cards are so close to each other there’s rarely much in it.

 On top of that when it comes to budget cards, the best performance isn’t often what you’re looking for, rather best performance to money spent, an interesting balancing act that we’re sure you all know. Is the extra $30 really worth the added clock speeds? And will it be worth getting this card if it’s only going to be made obsolete in the next generation.

This is one where we’re sure you guys have a lot of insight on excited to hear what you guys have found and concluded. We’ve gone for the big 5 at the moment pitting the AMD Radeon RX 460 2GB, RX 460 4GB and RX 470 4GB up against Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050 & GTX 1050 Ti. Let the battle Commence!

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