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So, if you managed to catch our Blizzcon Speculation article, it turns out we might of called it. It has been announced yesterday at Blizzcon 2016 that the big news is there is a new Diablo 3 expansion, called Rise of The Necromancer, coming our way sometime in 2017. After the opening ceremony, celebrating 25 years of Blizzard, the Blizzard team didn’t waste anytime getting straight into what’s coming our way. So here is our Blizzcon 2016 rundown of their annual event.

First off, Diablo 3: Rise Of The Necromancer is announced for mid 2017 we believe. Sadly, it turns out that Diablo IV is still not yet on the cards, which is disappointing.

However there is definitely something to rejoice about for Diablo fans as the long unpampered title is set to receive a new Rise Of The Necromancer Expansion Pack. Featuring a new Necromancer playable class, additional stash and character slots, and cosmetic goodies, this new pack will give us the chance to command our very own army of the dead. Roll on 2017 in all of it’s unliving splendor. While also, for all you classic fans out there, it has been confirmed they are recreating Diablo in the Diablo 3 engine, that will be available in their anniversary patch. It’s a classic we can’t wait to relive.

Check out the Trailer Below


World of Warcraft

Luckily for fans of World of Warcraft series, who may be aware of the lack of updates for the Warlords of Draenor expansion pack, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime was quick to reassure, letting us know "We're committed to releasing more content on an ongoing basis than ever before,” in reference to the newest Legion expansion. While nothing concrete bar a new pet being announced, we at least feel reassured.


For Overwatch fans, the long awaited Sombra reveal was our first stop. With an awesome trailer posted below, we are excited to see how she’ll turn out in all her purpley blue glory. Also, a new map was announced, dubbed Oasis, set in a high tech desert city it apparently based on Mei’s origins. Alongside that there are new custom maps and gametypes coming at us, including 1v1 and 3v3, neat.


Starcraft II

Having officially ended, Starcraft II as we thought didn’t get a whole lotta lovin’, yet we can confirm the finale of the mini campaigns is on the way. The Nova Covert Ops has a final set of missions coming to us on November 22nd. While we will be getting a new co-op commander as well. As a side note, it has been confirmed that the Starcraft AI will be open to AI researchers, who knows where that could lead, might even get to the stage of rivalling the world's top players.

Heroes Of The Storm

A slightly less badass addition to Heroes of The Storm than last year, it was announced to WoW characters will be heading over to join the fun, Varian Wrynn and Ragnaros the Firelord. To top off this addition we will also be getting a new Brawl map, Blackhearts Revenge is coming to us real soon, at some point mid November.


Not really as a surprise, we have also got a new Hearthstone expansion call the mean streets of Gadgetzan, the goblin port city of the Warcraft world. This is set to hit us at some point in December, why not check out the trailer below.



So there you have it, our roundup of all the expansions you can look forward to receive from our veritable chums over at Blizzard. What will the rest of Blizzcon 2016 hold for us? That we cannot say, but we will be glued to the stream in the hope of any new tidbits.