It’s not often I get to bring you news of an ‘un-delay’ but it looks as if Watch Dogs 2 has been brought forward from its November 29th release date on PC, to launch day and date with the PS4 and Xbox One editions on November 15th. That’s two whole more weeks Watch Dogging (ooh er) in the year 2016.

The news, such as it were, comes via a number of sources. Steam, the Ubisoft Store and the US Uplay have all independently been updated to "Available November 15 on PS4, Xbox One & PC". Ubisoft previously said Watch Dogs 2 would be coming to PC on November 29th, saying this was “To ensure that these and other features are polished and optimized to meet the development team’s standards, the PC version of Watch Dogs 2 will now be released on November 29.”

There is no official confirmation from Ubisoft on the matter, but you’d suspect it wouldn’t go changing its release date at the last minute if this wasn’t happening.

Potentially great news for PC players if true. It’s always a little disheartening to see console players jump in early so any parity is good news. What it does also do however is heap pressure on Ubisoft to push out a very capable PC version. If it performs like it could have done with another few weeks in the oven for the some fine-tuning and bug testing, fans are going to question why Ubisoft didn’t stick to the original schedule.

Would you like to see Watch Dogs 2 come out a fortnight earlier than you expected on PC? Or would you like to see Ubisoft give itself more time to optimise PC performance and push out the best version if possibly can? Let us know!