Ubisoft has been teasing the free Operation Red Crow update for Rainbow Six Siege with a pair of new trailers. The imminent update includes the new Skyscraper map and a pair of meta-game altering new Operators. The map is set atop a giant Japanese skyscraper in a feudal-themed restaurant or club, providing plenty of opportunity for long sight lines and taking advantage of multiple tall structures.

I’m not sure why they bother but Ubisoft has thrown in some token lore to explain while a motley crew of GIGN, BOPE, FBI, SAS, GSG9, Spetsnaz, JTF2, Navy Seals, and now SAT soldiers are holed up in a restaurant with a gormless hostage.

"You are mobilized to neutralize an organized crime threat within a Yakuza-filled mansion high above the streets of Nagoya. There is a faction within the Higasiyama-gumi that rebels against their leader, which triggers terrible violence,” said art director Gregory Fromenteau. Well, you can hardly blame him for trying.

Now onto the really important bit - the Operators. Hibana and Echo are both Japanese special ops. Echo is a defender who looks to be carrying some sort of flying drone distraction device. Judging from his name this can be set off to trick enemies into thinking your team is somewhere where they’re not. Neat enough in prospect but the sound needs to be random enough to prevent players from being able to tell it’s an Echo device or it’s practically useless. We’ve seen with Kapkan’s tripwires and Frost’s welcome mats that traps can become extremely predictable once players know what the warning signs are.

One other mooted theory is that Echo’s device is in fact a volume amplifier, letting you hear the enemy team’s footsteps from further away.

Then we come to probably the more interesting of the two, Hibana. You can see her in action in the teaser trailer below, and I’m loving her shouting out Thermite’s wall-destroying mantra in Japanese (“A really big fucking hole, coming right up”).

From the looks of things she’s got a explosive device that can be attached to reinforced walls which can actually blow a chunk out of them. I’d assume it’s only a murder hole rather than an anything enterable, as this would make Thermite a little redundant.

As you can see in the teaser Hibana’s explosives can be fired at range, much like Ash’s breaching charge. They attach in a line, possibly blowing a thin horizontal chunk out of reinforced walls. It’s still unclear whether Hibana’s charge will be affected by Mutes however. If they aren’t, this tool could be one heck of a game changer. Considering Attackers seem to be a little overpowered compared to Defenders at this point, Hibana does seem dangerously effective. Who knows, perhaps we even get a Tachanka buff to balance things out. One can dream.

A reminder as well that you can vote for Rainbow Six Siege right now over in the Global Game Awards 2016. It's up for Best Multiplayer, although the competition is tough.

What do you make of the changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege? How do you think it will alter the balance?