So the question on everybody’s lips, does size matter when it comes to choosing a home for your new and improved rig? That’s right, not that size, come back to us this is a PC gaming hardware site. Whether building your own or buying pre-made, does it really matter to you guys what size your little beast is? Is whether you can fit it in your TV stand more important than ease of access or performance? If these are the questions on your lips, then this is the debate for you!

So let’s get into the swing of this, there are basically four sized cases that you are usually presented with when making this decision. So let’s just recap for funsies. We have, going from smallest to largest, the Mini-ITX Case (Or Small Form Factor), the Micro ATX Case (or Mini tower), the ATX Case (or Mid Tower Case) and finally the behemoth, the EATX Case (Or Full Tower Case). We know all these ATXs get confusing so we thought the less technical terms are the best ones to go by.

So we’ve got these set out, the question is which bloody one do you go for? Well let's lay it out, the thing that’s desirable about a small case is, funnily enough, it’s small. You can tuck this little chap anywhere your heart desires, not having to dedicate half a room to the guy. You can pick it up, take it to your mates, then just pop it back when you’re done. What’s there to lose?

Well, some would say a lot, you are limited to what hardware you can squeeze in there, you have to go to incredible lengths to shovel everything in there even if you do get all the right parts and of course, the biggie, heat. Having all of your warm hardware tucked into one small place is asking for trouble really. Is it going to get enough ventilation? Probably not without considerable effort, and with everything so wrapped up tight in there, it’s likely going to be pretty loud on top of that. Is this price really worth paying  for you guys just to have maneuverable Mini or Micro ATX?

On the other end of the spectrum with full towers and mid towers (to an extent), you are given enough room to swing a cat in there. All the ventilation you could possibly need and a hiding space for you to crawl into when the tax man turns up. But is that worth it for the blasted thing taking up nearly as much as room as you do?

Well you'll have to let us know. Where do you fall on your perfect rig? Is it worth chasing a smaller case to live that PS4 sized PC dream? Or do you think that biggest is best and you shouldn’t worry about such trivial things? But then do you just not really mind? Happy to fall in the middle group of average Joes. Well there’s only one way for us to find out, let us have it in the comments and let the voting commence!

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