Ubisoft changing its mind and launching Watch Dogs 2 early notwithstanding, we’ve still got two weeks to wait until Watch Dogs 2 arrives on PC. Console players get their greedy mitts on this week, but in the meantime at least we get to feast our eyes on its swanky new launch trailer.

In it we get a little bit of a lowdown on our hero of the tale, Marcus Holloway, and the reasons he’s so goddamn angry with the world. Marcus is pissed at the corrupt conglomerates running society, spying on the citizens, and generally steering everything towards its own benefit. Take out Aiden’s niece being murdered and you’re basically looking at the original Watch Dogs

Mmmhmm, that’s Watch Dogs 2 alright. I haven’t been surprised by literally anything I’ve seen in this game yet, so here’s hoping there’s a few tricks up its sleeves that haven’t been shown yet. From the looks of things it’s Watch Dogs put through the blender with Mr Robot. A little bit edgier, a whole lot more colourful, but possibly still the same game underneath it all.

Watch Dogs 2 is out on November 15th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One before arriving a fortnight later on November 29th for PC.