So here's one for you to wrap your ears around. Do you guys really care how loud your trusty rig gets? What's the perfect sound level for a PC? So this is one that there’s a lot of people out there who really care about and are willing to invest a lot of time into, but our question is, are they in the majority? If your PC gets the job done do you really care how loud the guy gets? Let’s break this down for a second yo.

So there are more products than you can count on the market today that have the aim of soundproofing your rig set in their targets. You’ve got soundproofing for your cases, cases that come pre-soundproofed, top of the range/expensive-as-hell super silent fans, there’s liquid cooling over regular cooling and every graphics card company you can think of has their own, unique, “best” way of keeping your fans quiet.

It’s obviously a huge business and there are people buying these things, but are these things that only the elite PC builders go for? Or those that have a butt load of money to splash out on it? You could argue that it’s be a better choice to put this extra money into getting better hardware.

Does it really matter how loud your PC gets if it stays cool and can run the things you’ve tasked it with? Surely if you can’t hear it over your game that's enough. Or even beyond that, as most of us have a trusty pair of headphones for our gaming experience, does it really matter that it sounds like it’s powered by a petrol engine?

Then again, it can be be one of those annoying ticks, the whirring of bad bearings spinning away in their metallic echo chamber, dragging your whole experience down. Is it worth investing that extra bit of cash on having your PC go into stealth mode?

Well you’re just going to have to let us know. Which sound level do you think is acceptable? Do you mind that your PC starts vibrating when you boot her up? Would you splash the extra cash just so you can have your perfect silent gaming experience? Lay it on us man!

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