You’d be hard pressed to call Aiden Pearce’s tale of revenge in the original Watch Dogs gripping. Aiden himself was forgettable and the less said about the bland writing the better. That’s all set to change for Watch Dogs 2 according to Ubisoft however, who has said the sequel will provide “a more relevant narrative with deeper characterisation.”

One of the things that was immediately apparent from the Watch Dogs 2 reveal was that Ubisoft was evidently going for a much lighter, playful tone, rather than often downbeat approach to the original.

“There’s been a huge amount of feedback from Watch Dogs; the studios have listened and have added everything possible to the new game to ensure that the experience is a significantly better one”, said marketing director Mark Slaughter.

It’s not only the plot that’s being overhauled however. San Francisco is a much more versatile playground than Chicago ever was. Ubisoft aimed to make the open world feel more interactive and alive, full of dynamic moments that can only happen off-script in an open-world. According to Slaughter there will be “more creative hacking options, better driving and a seamless online experience. Add to this more choice on how to approach challenges and a great sense of dynamism.”

It all sounds good to me but of course we’ve all bought into the Watch Dogs hype before. Are we being duped all over again? Or is this an Assassin’s Creed II situation wherein the sequel tops its predecessor in every conceivable way?

Source: MCV