We've seen already in our GeForce GTX 1060 benchmark that Ubisoft's Steep runs pretty damn fantastically, but just what is it delivering in the visuals department? From personal experience, flicking between Low and Ultra in Steep it can be a little tricky to tell, so we've grabbed a bunch of screenshots which you can compare side-by-side.



As you can see the differences, at least up close to the player character, are absolutely minimal. I've scoured over these for a while and difference is almost imperceptible at anything below about 50-100 metres away from the player.

It's only once you begin to look a little further afield in Steep that the changes become more apparent. At Low the shadows abruptly drop in quality and much more indistinct. The draw distance is drastically hampered also. Look at the number of your trees you can see in the distant background in each picture. Draw distance is also much more noticeable during actual gameplay as well, while you're speeding down the slope at upwards of 100 km/ph. Everything just looks noticeably crisper and easier to distinguish from a distance at ultra. This can provide a gameplay boost when speeding towards a group of trees you need to quickly navigate your way through.

Aside from this though Low and Ultra in Steep looks pretty much identical. Texture quality is practically unaffected; or at least it's hard to distinguish consider the huge amount of white snow filling the screen. Both Low and Ultra have realistic powder effects so for the most part the snow, which forms the vast majority of Steep's visuals, looks identical on both.

Steep's open beta kicks off tomorrow so you can see all this for yourself then. After that it's on course for a December 2nd launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.