I’m unreasonably excited about the altogether unsurprising news that Rainbow Six Siege will officially be supported by a second year of content. It was confirmed during a live stream for the upcoming Operation Red Crow expansion, which is due to drop this week, saying we can expect another full year of content to keep the competitive shooter alive.

It’s been rumoured for some time now of course, but this is the official confirmation we’ve all been waiting for.

What wasn’t discussed was what format the second season of Rainbow Six Siege will take. Throughout Year One in 2016 we’ve been given a total of eight new Operators and four new maps, all available free of charge. Season Pass owners gained access to the Operators a week early and didn’t need to spend any Renown (in-game currency) on unlocking them. With any luck Ubisoft continues this format as I've been stashing away Renown like a madman.

To kick off Year Two it would be nice to see a new mode introduced perhaps, although that could be upsetting the fine balance Ubisoft has already achieved in Siege.

The free Operation Red Crow update is out on November 17th and contains the new Skyscraper map, and the Echo and Hibana Operators.

Who’s up for a second year of Rainbow Six Siege then? Can you see Ubisoft’s 5 v 5 shooter perhaps living on even longer than this? Let us know!