So it’s that time of the year again. The run up to Christmas (at least in the shopping world) is definitely on the way with Black Friday only just behind us. So in the hope of congratulating rather than making ourselves feel jealous we’re intrigued to hear what your biggest scoops were this Black Friday. In the hope that none of you got dragged into the manic brawls for cheap pork chops and are now unable to move in a hospital bed, let’s get into what everyone snapped up this week.

It’s like everyone’s birthday came at once, except this time the person buying the presents is the person who knows you best. Yes, it was you! Did you find an elusive GPU deal anywhere for the one you’re hankering for? Or how about a new Computer case to spice up your old boy? Or maybe the always exciting RAM option? Wooaaahh 16GB of RAM, gnarly dude! New headphones as well?! You’re off the hook! Where’d you have to venture to get it? How much was it? What were you wearing? These are the questions on our lips.

Or maybe you’re more like us at GD and had a bit of a more disappointing Black Friday. Jon, satisfied with his current goodies didn’t have anything really set in his targets and so let it pass on by. I sadly did have something in my eye, a new SSD was what I was in for but alas, I was unable to get the fast storage I need for the price I can afford. Do you have any similar tales of woe? Did the thing you were holding out til BF sell out in seconds? Can you share any tales that we can find solace in?

Lay it on on us man, we know there’s some of you out there who must be feeling pretty pleased with themselves. Or are you sat at home like us? Looking out the window with a wistful SSD-less stare in your eye. Go on let us have it, we’re ready for it, what did you get this Friday? See you in the comments!