Here’s one that there are analysts battling to get your opinion on as we speak (or read). So, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind here that streaming games is massive, like mega huge, bigger than Donald Trump’s ego kinda big. Through esports or just watching your favourite Swede have the bejeezus scared out of him, streaming games is here and it’s here to stay. But how do you prefer to get your fix? That’s the question on our minds. Do you like to be there on the front line watching it live on Twitch or Youtube Gaming? Or would you rather let someone else do that for you and just collect the good bits and serve them up on a platter?

Let’s get into it. So this one is relatively straight forward as a debate and mostly just comes down to preference, which people you prefer to watch being a big one. A factor usually down to which one you picked up first. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to know which one you’re into, we still want to know who you’re into and of course why.

Here over at GD HQ we mostly fall into the Youtube side of things. Our tech guru Chris is mostly on the big red button these days, although did have a stint on Twitch. He’s down with Totalbiscuit aka the Cynical Brit, Sid Alpha and that delightful physicist infused gamer Scott Manley amongst others. He says he enjoys Scott due to his interesting game play and willingness to explain the physics of what he’s watching.

I (Ed, hello again) am much the same in platform taste, I really enjoy Jerma985 but have only experienced him on Youtube rather than his streaming, much the same of Soviet Womble (who is a mighty crumpet of good watching) who also compiles the best streaming bits to Youtube so we don’t have to. Other than that I haven’t really Twitched much, apart from being a part of the Twitch plays Pokemon journey (Praise be to Helix and the eternal fight against the False Prophet: Herald of The Dome).

But when we said we mostly fall into the YouTube side of things here, there’s emphasis on mostly. Maybe you’re more like Jon “The Joffinator” S. He has been quoted “I don’t understand it” and “Why don’t you play the actual game?” A naysayer to the whole idea of it. He prefers to spend his downtime actually playing the games rather than letting those millionaires have all the fun. Maybe you’re the same?

Well you’ll just have to let us know. Who’s your favourite streamers? What’s your favourite platform? Does PewDiePie really need all that money? Hit up our poll and let us know in the comments, 3… 2… 1… GO!

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