This debate is just out of Game Debate’s morbid curiosity. It’s hard not to meet someone, especially if you enjoy computers as much as the GD community, who hasn’t made an absolute doozy of a balls up with a PC somewhere along the line. There’s some real ways of flubbing up a PC, no matter how beasty they get. They are just metallic boxes filled with electricity at the end of the day. A lot can go wrong. So that’s why we’ve gathered you all here, how better to cheer yourself up whether you’ve gaffed or not than to hear someone else's goof. Roll up your sleeves and tie back your hair, it’s about to get messy.

So what could possibly go wrong? Turns out a lot. Water damage is a biggun, you just rest your beer on the laptop for a second or celebrate too hard and spill your glass of Lucozade all over your desk and your rig gets a sticky bath. You probably know what happens there. It’s a heartbreaker, usually the end game for most computer components and the biggest fear of many of us. 5 metre no drink zone right? Have you ever spilt something on your PC? Or even worse has someone else?

It doesn’t even have to be with water that makes your PC blow up either, it could just be plugging the wrong thing in the wrong place, or even just switching the wrong switch. I know I’ve done that one. Lotta smoke, lotta burnt plastic and a lotta surprised face.

Maybe you’ve decided that your fridge magnets look so good they'd be the perfect accessory to your hard drive? It definitely gives them a new purpose. Or maybe you’ve just ballsed up getting the right hardware for your build? It’s easy to get sockets mixed up and real easy to forget that size is actually quite an important factor for GPUs, I know we at GD have made these mistakes in our early days.

But that’s enough from us, now we’ve got the ball rolling on what could go wrong, tell us about your flummoxes. Tell us about your flub-ups, your faux pas, your faults and your fluffs. Also tell us why so many of these words to do with messing up begin with f. We’re really excited to see where this one goes.