Watch Dogs 2 is out on console this week and it has to be said it’s arrived to some pretty stellar reviews. Not quite Assassin’s Creed II good, sure, but not everything can be that over-rated. One thing which a number of reviews seem to have overlooked however is Watch Dogs 2’s online component which is, er, basically non-existent at launch due to some severe performance issues. So much for the “seamless multiplayer” Ubisoft was keen to spout about.

The multiplayer in Watch Dogs 2 is supposed to build on the admittedly pretty neat hacking invasions from the original, adding in drop in, drop out, co-operative multiplayer and heaps of online challenges to complete together. None of that is being included in time for launch however, with Ubisoft admitting it’s ran into some serious performance issues causing lag and even system crashes. Better get Marcus Holloway on the case, he’d know exactly what to do.

“During the pre-launch phase of Watch Dogs 2, we discovered an issue tied to the seamless multiplayer feature that caused the game to lag and crash periodically,” said Ubisoft. “In order to eliminate that issue at launch and for players to enjoy a smooth gameplay experience, we have decided to wait to launch the seamless multiplayer feature until the patch that fixes this issue is deployed. The patch is currently in certification by Sony and Xbox.

“In the meantime, players can still play the full single-player experience without any concerns and play co-op by inviting friends through the game menu. But that does mean that the Bounty-Hunter mode and other activities that would occur with other outside players who enter your game will be unavailable until the patch is deployed on each platform.”

I do love Ubisoft’s bluntness here. There’s issues with a game mode so they've fixed it by removing it altogether. For early adopters it means you’re not going to be getting the full package when Watch Dogs 2 launches tomorrow. With any luck it gets patched soon.

PC players, still a bit of time to wait. Watch Dogs 2 launches November 29th for PC, by which Ubisoft has got any potential multiplayer hiccups ironed out.