We benchmarked Planet Coaster last week and found some of the larger theme parks could absolutely tank the frame rate. Well, things have just got heaps more demanding with the latest update - Frontier has expanded the maximum park sizes in Planet Coaster by more than 150%. I can only imagine the impact that’s going to have on FPS, but Jon will be sure to build an epic theme park this week and give it a go.

That’s not all either, as Frontier has added absolutely heaps of new features in the run-up to launch. There’s a trio of new rides comprising the Rolling River flume, Invincible rollercoaster and the classic Chair-O-Plane.

Shops have been given a loving touch with the arrival of Balloon stores, as well as themed hats and mayonnaise for fries. Us tycoon aficionados get excited by the strangest things.

There’s a pair of new children’s entertainers, a help systems, UI changes, more lighting options, performance optimisations, flocking pigeons, scenario balancing and more. A whole lot of changes basically, and of course the park area is now over 2.5 times bigger than before. Frontier reckon it’s “a result of the team's hard work on optimisations”, so it’ll certainly be interesting to see just how this plays out. They need to have done major work to nearly triple park sizes compared to last week’s crippling benchmarks on the GTX 1060.

"Planet Coaster is an important release for us, not just because we’re self-publishing the games that we love, but also because of the incredible community we have had the pleasure of being a part of over the past few months, who are equally passionate about the game, give us constant inspiration and feedback, and have helped us shape the game along the way," Frontier wrote in an update to fans. "Every supportive post, share of your great content and kind word really does help spur the team on and is a vital part of the development of Planet Coaster."

Planet Coaster is coming on in leaps and bounds in the days ahead of launch then, with the final game due to launch on November 17th.