So this is one we’ve been dying to ask since we got riled up by Watch Dog’s 2 Season pass announcement and it’s apparent lack of content. Here it is, how do you guys feel about season passes? Do you hate them? Or do you think they can be key to getting a great deal? It’s a weird thought buying something that you don’t actually know what it is, having to solely rely on the developer holding up their end of the bargain with not much hope of a refund if they don’t. So what drives people to keep buying them? Let’s get into some of the best and worse to try and find out.

So there’s undeniably been some great season passes over the years. Fallout 4's for instance was pretty great. Gone are the days of Horse Armour, with Bethesda releasing their season pass originally for $29.99, if you were lucky enough to put your faith in them you ended up with $70 worth of content. A pretty sweet deal some would say. Or another example is 2015’s other RPG titan, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, whack the guys over at CD Projekt RED $25 when the game came out and over the course of the game's lifetime you got 40+ hours of stellar game play in Hearts Of Stone and Blood & Wine. These really set the standard of what can be done.

Yet these idyllic scenarios are not always the way these things go down. There are risks. Take Battlefield 4 for instance. If you were unlucky enough to part with $50 for their premium offer at the start you had to sit twiddling your thumbs for around a year before anything ever came of it. With so much time dedicated to fixing the game, they just didn’t get a chance. Or those poor bastards that grabbed Titanfall’s season pass, in the first place it was a bad deal, only managing to save $5 on all the map packs, but then to top it off everything was released for free anyway not too far along the line! Absolute wounder!

But anyway, there’s a couple of examples for you to think about. Can you think of anymore examples of a season pass being a great/terrible deal? Have you been brutally scorned or fantastically rewarded for your trust in the past for instance? Do you think season passes are a good idea in general or just another facet of modern gaming that we just have to get used to? Pop us a vote, let us know in the comments annnnnnnnnnnnd go!

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