Hellooo! And welcome to the finale of our almost week long bit on the trusty SSD! We’ve done our bit, we’ve told you about how HDDs work, how SSDs store their Data, why SSDs take so long to overwrite and erase their bits and the different types of SSDs out there for you to buy. Today in a finale befitting only to Game Debate, we hand it over to you to debate about! Are SSDs actually worth it over HDDs or SSHDs? Hell we don’t know, why don’t you tell us?

So this one's pretty straight forward. Which type of hard Drive do you go for when building your perfect rig? Do you go for the cheap storage and get a whacking great big HDD for barely anything and never worry about it again?

Or do you splash out and go for the SSD? Do you recognise your need for speed and sacrifice your bulk so you can have Fallout 4 loading as fast as humanly possible?

Or how about you go for the best of both? The majestic SSHD. Part SSD, part HDD. Giving you the power to put the things you use most on the SSD and those that barely see the life of day on the HDD.

Or is there even any point in that? Why not just pick up an SSD and grab a HDD when the time is right? Save on that extra cash while you get the ball rolling on your beasty rig.

You’ll just have to chuck us a vote and let us know! Which one do you prefer? Is it worth that extra money for the SSD? Or on another note, have you enjoyed our rundown of the SSD this week? Would you like to see other computer parts broken down and built back up in front of your very eyes? We’re in a solid state of all ears here at Game Debate. (and as always, in a solid state of bad jokes)

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