In the first of our series of Rainbow Six Siege Operator breakdowns, we take a look at Ash. Here's everything you need to know to get started with one of Siege's most versatile Operators. Her Breaching Rounds and swift pace make her a formidable attacker who can disrupt play and flank swiftly.

Ash Profile

Ash is one of the most mobile attackers in the whole of Rainbow Six Siege. She sacrifices low armour for extreme speed, making her fantastic for fast approaches of confusing the enemy team with flanking play.

Unique Ability - Breaching Rounds

Her unique ability is an M120 CREM with two breaching rounds. These can be fired at range and can blow up destructible surfaces automatically. There is a slight delay between point of impact and explosion, using giving enemy Operators enough time to escape the blast. Ash’s breaching rounds are therefore relatively ineffective as a lethal weapon but work fantastically to open up lines of sight without risking attaching a breaching charge.

Along with range, Ash’s breaching rounds are extremely effective as they aren’t affected by Mute’s jamming devices. This means they can be used on reinforced windows or walls with a Mute Jamming Device which cannot be blown by standard Breach Charges.

Ash General Info

Special Forces

Armor Rating1/3 - Light
Speed Rating3/3 - Fast
Height5'7" (1.70M)
Weight138lbs (63KG)







Ash’s Loadout


  • G36C Assault Rifle
  • R4-C Assault Rifle


  • M45 MEUSOC Handgun
  • 5.7 USG Handgun


  • Breach Charge x 3
  • Smoke Grenade x 3

Unique Ability

  • Breaching Rounds x 2 - M120 Crem

Recommended Ash Loadout

  • R4-C Assault Rifle with ACOG Scope, Vertical Grip, Extended Barrel
  • M45 MEUSOC Handgun with Silencer
  • Gadget:
    Hostage - Smokes
    Bomb & Secure Area - Breach Charge

Ash R4-C Attachments

Ash M45 MEUSOC Attachments

Ash Loadout Tips

Ash’s Breaching Rounds make her excellent at opening up reinforced rooms from a distance. This, combined with her low armor rating, make her excel at long-range. Throw the R4-C into the mix and she can be lethal in the right hands. The R4-C is a general upgrade over over the G36C except for recoil, but this can be nullified with practice or the right attachments. Get a Vertical Grip on there as well because it has literally no downsides.

Attaching an ACOG scope is the best way to capitalise on the Breaching Rounds, although it does stunt her potential at close range. Headshots are also vital as the damage does drop off considerably at range. Once moving indoors either utilise Ash’s top speed to surprise enemies and take the flanks, or move slowly to work distant sight lines.

If you want to primarily focus on close-range, quick movement and flanking, take off the ACOG scope and put on a Reflex sight. Swap the Extended Barrel for a Flash Hider or Muzzle Brake too. This comes down to personal preference and which playstyle you’re comfortable with. If you can predict what room the other team is going to defend then you can pick and choose scopes accordingly.

Her lightness also means Ash is fairly quiet while crouched. Ash can move at speed and surprise defenders, taking them down quietly with a Silenced M45. If you aren’t approaching an enemy from behind be prepared to approach quickly and aggressively, using your knife if necessary.

The choice between Smoke Grenades and Breach Charges may come down to personal taste. Smokes are much harder to use effectively and can prove just as disorienting for you as they do the defending team. They really can come into their own during hostage stand-offs though. A few well-timed smokes can panic the enemy team, giving you just enough to run in and snatch the hostage. Ash’s position as one of the fastest characters means she’s also rarely caught. Aside from this situation, Breach Charges are usually the clear winner. Combined with Ash’s Breaching Rounds, she can blow into a room at two points simultaneously. This can really turn the odds in your favour as a lot of enemy players won’t be sure which way to turn.

Top Tips for Using Ash

The range on Ash’s Breaching Rounds means she can attack from interesting positions. Surprise is the greatest weapon an Attacker has in Siege, and Ash is geared towards unpredictable behaviour. Try blowing up the floor beneath Defenders or the tops of certain reinforced walls which aren’t high enough to create dangerous murder holes. For extra carnage get a teammate with frag grenades to quickly lob a few in any holes made.

Breaching Rounds can be used to destroy deployable shields at range. Enemies often hunker down behind them so fire off a round and then switch straight to your assault rifle to pick them off as they panic.

If you’re right by a wall and have Breach Charges, don’t waste your Breaching Rounds unless it is blocked by Mute. Reserve them for tricky to get to places or dangerous scenarios where an enemy team has the line of sight on the spot you want to place a charge.

If you down an enemy but they crawl behind cover, Ash’s Breaching Rounds can be used to finish them off, similar to Capitao’s flame bolts.

Don’t just think of yourself when using Breaching Rounds. Look for where your teammates are and see if you blow up any lines of sight for them. Remember to give them a warning before you do this so they’re ready to take advantage and not over-exposed. This can be particularly useful to help out Glaz, who can struggle to find unpredictable sightlines from exterior locations.

If in doubt, use an Ash to destroy a Castle Barricade on a door. This is the safest way to break through as Defenders may spot the feet of an Attacker placing a Breach Charge, or Sledge with his hammer.

Keep your drones alive. Most operators treat their first drone pretty much as disposable, but forget about those cheap scans. Park your first drone somewhere a little away from the enemy location


4 / 5

Ash is extremely quick and versatile. One for advanced players honed on a run and gun playstyle. Ash isn't an absolutely essential part of a squad make-up but her unpredictability in the right hands can weed out even the most stubborn Defenders.

Ash Goes well With:

Ash can slot into just about any team. If you spot someone picking Glaz then you may to go Ash to help them out. She's also great if you've already got a number of heavy units already picked to soak up the pressure. While the likes of Montagne, Thermite, Fuze etc can draw in enemy fire, Ash can quickly flank and expose weak points rapidly with a Breaching Round.

Ash in Action

As ever if you've got any tips of your own for playing Ash, drop them in the comments section below and I'll be sure to give them a go!