Augmented VR is Coming: Stereolabs Linq-ing Two Worlds Together

Written by Ed SW on Fri, Nov 18, 2016 10:36 AM

So if you thought Microsoft Hololens was the only player in the augmented reality market at the moment, you might have to rethink because Stereolabs are coming our way with one step further. If the the title didn’t make sense at first, the poor joke will be made apparent, as Stereolabs have been talking about their new Linq Augmented VR headset.

Featuring a wider field of view and the ability to not have to map the room before beginning a session, the Linq headset is able to understand the environment around it. So this maeans it can plop down a a Titan on your desk and (as apparently it recognises people), maybe recognise two players in a game.

Here at GD we’re finding this very exciting, as the gaming possibilities could be endless. We’re thinking the 3DS’s augmented VR will be a thing long in the past. Hopefully this tech will instead of taking you to a new world, will bring the new virtual world to you.

It currently runs on Windows and Linux, but it’s said in the future it will be completely stand alone, with a portable GPU for you to carry on your journeys into the unknown. Prices for this are basically complete guess at this point, but we’ve read rumours that it should be less than $1000, but who knows. Check out the video below if you’re interested, it certainly spices up office life and we'll keep you posted on any further updates.


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06:29 Nov-19-2016

When i read augmented, i was thinking about having implants like Adam had :)
Total misread on my case lol :)

19:12 Nov-18-2016

Is it just me, or does that just look like augmented reality with a VR headset instead of glasses? Is the FOV the difference here?

11:06 Nov-18-2016

they said hololens had the fov of like 30 ... so yeah, make it 135


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