Good morning again mon petit croissants! How are you this fine Saturday morning? Feeling well? Hungover? Been to see Wells Carnival have we (I know I did)? Well to wake you up or to just lay in to, as is turning into tradition, we’ve got a lovely new trailer from this week to cosy up with. This one is one that we’ve already been enjoying (Jon especially) it’s Planet Coaster’s launch trailer released but the other day.

Being made with by some of the original devs that worked on the Roller Coaster Tycoon series, you can tell that this title is top of the roller coasting games. Featuring the game style that we love, the ability to ride your own coasters along with other added features and of course (as you will see from the trailer) gorgeous graphics; this title is definitely a hit in in our eyes on so many levels. Does it look like something you'd enjoy? Do you like the way it looks? Lay it on us man, but until then cosy up, get your popcorn and hot dogs ready and enjoy the ride!